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Belvedere Caravan Park & Lake Clifton Thrombolites (Mandurah)

We finally did our first camping trip!!! So I was checking out my Wikicamps app during the long weekend, I knew everything was fully booked because of course it is the long weekend but then I looked at the maps and I saw one which is an hour away from us. I looked up their website expecting for it to be fully booked but I was just curious, to my surprise there was an availability! I booked straight away without checking what the amenities are and things to do there. I was too excited!

We went to Beldevere Caravan park which is only an hour and 11 minutes away from us. They have a kitchen, bbq’s, toilets and a small playground. It is $45 per night which is not bad but I have researched and you can find other campsites or caravan parks with the same price but more amenities such as heated pools, bouncing pillow and all that but that’s okay because this is a very last minute trip and we really don’t mind.

The beach is only 500metres from the caravan park. We left at around 8am and got there around 9am. We went straight to Town Beach because check-in in the caravan park is not until 2pm and town beach is the closest to the restaurants and we plan to just head in the Dolphin Quay to go grab some lunch.

We stayed in the beach for a bit. Gideon had fun in the water while me and Aneisha just enjoyed staying in the hammock chillin.

Just when we decided to grab lunch, Aneisha fell asleep in the hammock because who wouldn’t? We then stayed there for a bit more and waited for her to wake up.

And it’s time for lunch! We walked around Dolphin Quay. There are lots of things to do there including Eco BBQ boats, dolphin cruise and pirate cruises but we really don’t have the budget for that as this is a very spontaneous trip haha, so we just walked around while looking for a good and cheap place to eat.

Dolphin Quay bridge

We found a really good cafe overlooking the harbour but silly me forgot the name of the cafe, I also forgot my camera so we just used Earl’s phone. Yep, mum brain! There some fun things to take photos at too! Look at Gideon!

And finally it is time to head out to the caravan park and try out our whole set up for the very first time! I feel bad for Earl because he had to do almost everything because every time I try to help it’s either Gideon does something naughty or Aneisha cries, so I am in charge of the kids while Earl well, does every single thing.

It was a bit of a challenge especially the wind was really strong but we finally finished and Aneisha was knocked out inside the tent after that. During the night, Earl made burritos for us and Aneisha ate mashed sweet potato. We then proceeded to pack up the awning and the side awning because we don’t want to sleep with worries that it might fly during the night because of the winds. We then showered and put the kids to sleep. It was not that bad, Aneisha only woke up to feed at 2am, the weather was very perfect but the sound of the wind kinda scared me which led me to not sleeping really well and Gideon moved to our bed at midnight so we are crammed up really but I enjoyed it! We all woke up at 6am because Aneisha is our alarm.

Earl then prepared breakfast while I started packing up slowly.

After breakfast we started packing up. As I brought Aneisha to the baby dome, Gideon decided to join in and so we had time to pack up without any disturbance. Suddenly, Earl’s co-worker, who helped us with all of these came in a bike because he just lived close, he was the one who gave us advice on which tent to buy, what we need and all that. He wanted to see our set up but we already packed up. We are so stoked to camp with him and his wife soon. We definitely learned a lot from him.

As Earl and his friend were talking, me, Gideon and Aneisha were looking at the Mandurah map of things to do that we got upon check-in and I found a lake which is only 30 minute drive from there. I told Earl and he said we should go and so we did. No regrets.

We went to Lake Clifton Thrombolites. These rock looking formations aren’t really rocks, they are an organism called Thrombolites, it is really interesting.

We stayed there for a bit and then headed home! Safe to say that our first camping trip was a blast! We all had fun. We can’t wait for next time.

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